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Product review: Vitasoy oat milk

Product: Vitasoy oat milk

vegan plant based oat milk

Nutrition per 100g: Energy 298 kJ (71 kcal), Protein 1.0 g, Fat 2.0 g of which saturates 0.3 g Carbohydrates 11.5 g of which sugars 1.8 g, Sodium 55 mg, Dietary fibre 1.5g, Beta glucan 0.5g

Ingredients: Filtered water, whole oats (min.15%), oat flour, sunflower oil, gum arabic, mineral (calcium phosphate), sea salt

What I like about it? This vegan friendly product is perfect in smoothie, cereals and hot beverages. It doesn't split in coffee and it tastes really good. It has no added sugar and it has a pleasant sweet taste to it. This is the only oat milk which adequate calcium fortification out of the supermarket brands that I can find. Also it is the only milk that contains beta glucan, the type of fibre that helps to reduce blood cholesterol level.

What I don't like about it? Not much really. The only draw back is that it doesn't contain the same level of protein as other milk such as soy milk, or cow's milk. As a result, it cannot be used as a complete food for children aged 5 years old. But for most adult and children, protein requirement is easily met in normal daily diet.

Would I give them to my children? Yes definitely to alter between calcium fortified soy milk.

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