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Nutrition Services for rehab

Shirley has worked in Brain Injury Unit at Liverpool Hospital in a multi- disciplinary team of OT, speech pathology, physiotherapy and social worker. She has experience providing nutrition therapy and education for people with acquired brain injury and spinal cord injury.  Shirley has the experience and compassion to work with family and care team. Treatment goals are clearly explained to the person and family involved and progress are communicated accordingly. 


Why is nutrition important during rehab?

Nutrition acts as the fuel that drives and build our bodies, and its importance is heightened during the recovery phase. Whether recuperating from an injury, surgery, or chronic condition, the body's nutritional requirements alter, necessitating an increased (or reduced) intake of specific nutrients to support recovery.

  1. Increased energy needs: Rehabilitation exercises can be strenuous, and sufficient nutrition provides the energy required to engage in these activities effectively.

  2. Nutrients for healing: Certain nutrients, such as protein, vitamins, and minerals, are crucial for tissue repair and immune function, contributing to the healing process.

  3. Weight: Whether it is underweight or overweight, it could impact on healing and mobility. A dietitian will be able to guide you to achieve an optimal body weight.

Shirley offers home visit to Northwest Sydney region, Hornsby shire and Upper North Shore areas of Sydney. Contact Shirley now to discuss. 

rehab in wheelchair
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