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5 Vegan Low FODMAP Meal ideas for IBS

Often it is difficult to know what meals to put together during the 4 weeks of low FODMAP diet. Here I share some of my own favourites:

1. Tofu Buddha rice bowl

Here you would need boiled white and/or brown rice as a base. You will then need the tofu (a low FODMAP protein powderhouse) topping. Pan fry diced plain had tofu until a crispy skin is formed and set them aside. In the same pan, cook a mixture of diced low FODMAP vegetables, such as carrot, choy sum, corn kernel from half a cob, oyster mushroom and snake beans. Once all is cooked through, make a slurry of low FODMAP vegetable stock (use the Monash low FODMAP app to identify) with tapioca starch. Add the diced tofu, season with soy sauce or sesame oil if you like. Now you have what we call in my house 'Tofu buddha rice bowl'.

2. Rolled oats with plant-based milk. If using soy milk, consider using those based on soy protein. Top with low FODMAP chopped nuts such as peanuts or Brazil nuts for added protein. (avoiding too many cashews or pistachios as they are high low FODMAP).

3. Gluten free pasta (made with Quinoa, corn, rice or potato, NOT from legumes) served with a tomato based sauce. An easy DIY version is to sauteing some low FODMAP vegetables such as zucchini, carrot and spinach using garlic infused oil, adding tomato paste and using a low FODMAP vegetable stock to thin down the sauce. Top with a protein food such as tinned chickpeas (1/4 cup) and some low FODMAP nuts.

4. Rice noodles with shredded plain cabbage (maximum 3/4 cup per serve), carrots, choy sum, oyster mushroom and tofu. Season with soy sauce, ginger or chilli for extra kick.

5. Rice paper roll with tofu and any low FODMAP vegetables such as cucumber, beans sprouts, red capsicum, shredded purple cabbage (no more than 3/4 cup per serve) etc. A light body sauce of diluted soy sauce, Sriracha (no more than 1 teaspoon), sugar and lime juice is a perfect condiment.

Remember the low FODMAP phase should not be used in the long term. Always ask your dietitian for guidance for the next re-challenge phase to establish a modified low FODMAP eating.

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