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'What is this?' series. Episode 2 Dangmyeon noodles

Dangmyeon noodles (Korean sweet potato noodles)

What is this?

These noodles are made from sweet potato starch. The literal translation is 'Tang noodles' . They are a type of cellophane noodles and this is the Korean version. They are nearly transparent after they’ve been rehydrated and cooked.

What are the nutritional values?

As they are made with sweet potato starch, they are naturally gluten free so an excellent substitute for wheat noodles or pasta. These noodles contain mainly carbohydrate and have very little protein or fat. This may be useful for people who needs to keep an eye on their protein intake. Carbohydrate content is ~84g per 100g dried noodles. The usual serving size is 50g dried noodles so carbohydrate content is ~42g.

I am unable to locate its glycaemic index in the GI Database website. According to the GI Database website (, vermicelli has intermediate glycaemic index. I can only assume that sweet potato noodles which is a type of vermicelli also has intermediate glycaemic index.

Most importantly.. how do I cook them and how does it taste?

They are sold dehydrated and need to be re-hydrated with hot water for a good 15 minutes before they are soft enough to be cooked. The noodles themselves almost have no taste. They have slight chewiness to it and it is an interesting texture to experience.

Traditionally, Dangmyeon noodles are cooked with spinach, shallot, carrot, onion, sliced beef and flavoured with soy sauce, sesame oil and sugar. Personally, I would replace with sliced beef with pan-fried crispy tofu and add a good serving of green leafy vegetable such as bok choy.

Ok, so where do I buy them?

You will be able to find a good selection in Korean/Japanese grocery stores, and in regular Asian grocery stores. These dried noodles usually come in large bags in the Asian stores. However, you may even be able to find them in your local supermarket in smaller packets.

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