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Product review: Barley + Muesli Pink Lady & Macadamia

Product: Barley + Muesli Pink Lady & Macadamia

barley plus cereal product review

Nutrition per 100g: Energy 1600 kJ (383 kcal), Protein 12.3g, Fat 10.5 g of which saturates 1.8 g Carbohydrates 46.3 g of which sugars 12.4 g, Sodium 2- mg, Dietary fibre 26.8g, Beta glucan 10.9g

Ingredients: Barleymax (Whole Grain Rolled Barley Flakes) (73%), Whole Grain Rolled Oats (9%), Pink Lady Apple (5%) (Food Acid [Ascorbic Acid]), Macadamias (3.5%), Coconut Sugar, Canola Oil, Sultanas, Pepitas (2%), Sunflower Seeds (2%), Natural Apple Flavour, Antioxidant (Vitamin E).

What I like about it? This cereal contains a really high content of fibre, in particularly Prebiotic Resistant starch and beta- glucan for heart health. A standard serve of 50g provides 13.4 g of fibre which is nearly half of adult recommended intake. For those who need to watch their cholesterol level, this breakfast cereal is definitely a good option if you use it along with soy milk, oat milk or low fat dairy milk (if you use dairy).

What I don't like about it? This cereal is really quite dense and it takes some getting used to.

Would I give them to my children? Yes definitely but in smaller portions as children's fibre requirement is different from adults.

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