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Smart Eating Week 12 - 18 February 2018

Smart eating week. Sydney dietitian Hills District

What is The Smart Eating Week?

The week is run by Accredited Practising Dietitians, supported by the Dietitians Association of Australia. Smart Eating Week falls at an ideal time, wit the start of a New Year inspiring many of us to live healthier lives, inducing through smart eating.

So what is 'smart eating'?

Smart eating is a means to good nutrition. But because we are all unique, with different lifestyles, personal goals and health challenges, 'smart eating' will mean different things to different people. Generally speaking though, 'smart eating' usually means including as many fresh, seasonal and minimally processed foods into our daily diet as much as possible.

Any tips from the dietitians on 'smart eating' this year?

There is growing trend of plant-based eating and the momentum is really building. There are more plant-based option in main stream supermarket, such as vegan mayonnaise, vegan meat substitutes and vegan jellies. I would suggest by starting a 'Meat-free Monday' initiative at home or at work so to include more plant based foods such as legumes, lentils and tofu in daily eating.

The Dietitians Association of Australia website has a good selections of Smart Eating recipes. These recipes are submitted by dietitians so they are dietitian-approved! Yes - there are treats recipes as well everyday recipes.

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