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How to lose weight while following a vegan diet

Thank you for your suggestion for me to write on this topic, my Facebook followers. Vegan diet has enjoyed increasing popularity in recent times. Research (1) has shown that it is helpful with weight management. How about people who are already on a vegan and needs to lose weight? Here are some of my helpful tips:

Tip 1: Eat mostly unprocessed foods.

Being on a vegan diet can potentially mean eating lots of proceed frozen food items which are either high in fat or quite expensive. My top tip for unprocessed food is to include all types of pulses, lentils and legumes in your diet. Learn how to use and cook these low fat and high protein nutritious powerhouse in different cuisines such as Indian, Latin american and Chinese meal uses a variety of legumes or ingredients made with legume.

Tip 2: Avoid energy dense vegan food.

If you read one of my product review on the Vego chocolate, you will know what I mean. This 100% plant based chocolate has to be one of the creamiest chocolates I have ever tasted. And yes it is also very energy dense. The raw vegan desserts? Whilst they are mainly made with natural plant-based ingredients such as dates, cashews, coconut cream with different flavourings, raw vegan desserts can be high in kilojoules. So enjoy them sparingly.

Tip 3: Eat regularly

How many times if you have skipped lunch and before you know it, when it is home time, you just snack an (probably) enormous amount of high energy density foods before dinner? Eating regularly prevent unwanted snacks so you remain on a healthy eating path.

Tip 4: Exercise regularly

Vegan or not. Exercise remains an important component of healthy living and weight management. Find an exercise physiologist or a good personal trainer for advice and guidance.

Tip 5: Ensure your meals are adequate in micronutrients.

A nutritious plant-based diet requires some careful planning especially at times when weight management is required. Ensure essential nutrients such as calcium, iron and Vitamin B12 are adequate.

There is no magic bullet when it comes to weight management. If you are still unsure, seek the advice of an Accredited Practising Dietitian with a special interest in vegan nutrition.


1. Wright, N et al. The BROAD study: A randomised controlled trial using a whole food plant-based diet in the community for obesity, ischaemic heart disease or diabetes. Nutrition & Diabetes (2017) 7, e256; doi:10.1038/nutd.2017.3Published online 20 March 2017

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