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Product review: Sunbites Snack Crackers with Chickpea. Smoke Paprika

Sunbites Product Review Dietitian Nutrition

Product: Sunbites Snack Crackers with Chickpea.

Nutrition per 25g serve: 120 kcal (503kJ), 2.7g protein, 5.8g fat, 14.1g carbohydrate (1.6g sugars), 118 mg sodium, 46 mg potassium, 1.8g fibre

Ingredients: Wholegrain cereals (43%) (corn, oats), Chickpea flour (29%), Vegetable oil, Sugar, Rice, Maltodextrin, Salt, Hydrolysed vegetable protein, Food acids (Sodium diaetrate, Citric Acid), Smoked paprika powder, Onion powder, Spices (Paprika, Chilli, Black pepper), Tomato powder, Yeast Extract, Corn starch, Garlic powder, Natural colour (9paprika extract).

What I like about it? Comparing to the usual potato chips, these crackers are higher in fibre. It is also a good introduction for people who hasn't had chickpeas before, although the product doesn't like anything like whole chickpeas itself.

What I don't like about it? It is still high in sodium, and the package stated that it contains milk or milk product , making it not suitable for those who choose a plant-based diet.

Would I give them to my children? Yes occasionally in party or in a picnic.

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