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Kidney friendly meals

I am often about kidney friendly meals ideas. Whilst there is no one 'renal' diet, there are some general suggestions that will help the cook in your house.

Tip #1: Flavour is everything.

You probably hear your doctor, dietitian, nurses and even the media say about cutting down the salt.

Without salt, I have to admit, foods can taste very bland. I remember someone said to me once that the tastiest things in this world is fat and salt.

What we need to remember though is that salt is really just one type of taste. The preference to salt is also a learnt habit. Next time you go to the supermarket or local grocer, take a moment to explore the herbs and spices aisle (usually right next to the salt section). Whilst some spice blend and rubs have salt already mixed in, you can get a good idea what spices or herbs work well together.

Once I tried my own take of coconut, lemon myrtle and garlic rub on tofu cutlets after seeing that blend on the supermarket shelve. Even my kids like it!

Tip #2: Try contrasing colours

Eating is a complicated business. Sight, smell and taste are just some of the factors impacting on our perception of the food we eat. Maybe you have been advised to avoid certain vegetables, however it is important to know that it is the total amount of the different electrolytes (for example potassium, phosphate) that matters.

A whole bowl of carrot is just plain boring. Try to add some peas, a few thin slices of radish to add colour and crunch. Add a tasty dressing such as lemon juice with balsamic vinegar with crushed garlic and finely chopped onion always add a special touch to a salad. Top the salad with some chopped fresh herbs such as basil or mint, you have a tasty attractive warm salad for everyone.

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