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Product review: Vitasoy Protein+ Soy Milk

Product review for Vitasoy protein + soy mik
Vitasoy protein + milk

Product name

Vitasoy Soy Protein + milk

Nutrition per 100ml:

Energy 220 kJ ( 52 kcal), Protein 4.2 g, Fat 3 g of which saturates 0.5 g Carbohydrates 2 g of which sugars 0.7 g, Sodium 48 mg, Calcium 160 mg


Filtered water, organic whole soybeans (min. 19%), minerals (calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate), natural flavour, sea salt, vitamins (vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin B2).

What I like about it?

This soy milk is probably one of a few commercial soy milk in the market that does not contain any added oil. Sunflower oil is usually added in plant-based milk and this soy milk does not contain any added oil. It also contains added Vitamin B12 which is very important for people who are mainly plant-based or follow a vegan eating style. This soy milk is also a good source of soy protein and calcium. The soy protein is from whole soy bean and not isolated soy protein. This may be important if you have a medical history of breast cancer. It also does not contain any added sugar such as sucrose or syrup.

What I don’t like about it?

Nothing really. Some may find it quite creamy but personally I really like it in coffee and my cereal. It tend to spllit in hot coffee if you only use a small amount in a whole mug of coffee. I didn't have this problem when the amount added is around 60-80ml to around 200 ml of coffee.

Would I give them to my children?

Definitely. This has become a family favourite.

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