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Healthy eating at the food court

In my practice, one of the most commonly asked question is 'what can I eat when I am out?'. Truly, when you to the food court area, there are so many choices and it can be overwhelming to choose something that you feel comfortable of.

For a healthy lunch, what you are after is a good source of carbohydrate, protein and yes, the vegetable component. Often, the carbohydrate and protein part is easy. Think a sushi roll. The hard part is adding the vegetable component to a meal. Instead of ordering from the set menu presented, be creative. Here are my top tips:

healthy eating. Sydney dietitian

1) Chinese food outlets

Ask for additional vegetables and cut down the rice/noodle components. (often the carbohydrate components of the meals are very generous)

2) Lebanese food outlets

Mujadara (Salad of rice and lentils), together with a side serve of Tabbouleh and the red cabbage salad makes a satisfying meal.

3) Vietnamese food outlet

Instead of ordering three rice paper roll, order two rice paper rolls and one low carb vegetable roll to boost vegetable of your meal

4) Sandwich shop

Ask for multi-grain or sourdough bread, with a couple of falafels, roast vegetables and salad to make a hearty sandwich.

5) BYO drink

Get yourself a nice water bottle, and fill it with water and slices of oranges, mint and celery to create a refreshing drink.

What are you top tips at the food court? I would love to hear about it.

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