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4 meals you can prepare under 15 minutes.

As a working parent, the evening meal is one that is most challenging. We are all tired and everyone wants dinner right now. Here are 5 easy to prepare meals that I know I can feed my family in under 15 minutes:

1. Tofu cous cous salad.

You will need one packet of flavoured tofu, a packet of shop-bought salad leafs, salad vegetables of your choice (e.g. capsicum, carrot, cucumber), and cous cous.

All you do is to soak the cous cous while are you are cutting the tofu into bite size, peeling and chopping the salad vegetables. To serve, toss all the ingredients together.

2. Falafel wrap

To do this, you will need a packet of falafel balls from the supermarket, a packet of mixed salad, avocado, tomato, carrot and wraps.

Just peel and grate the carrot, sliced the avocado and tomato. Take the rest to the dinning table and everyone help themselves to do the wrap!

3. Black bean burgers

Nowadays, the supermarket has ready-to-eat blackbean burgers. Have one packet of them ready in the fridge and your weekday dinner will be all sorted along with salads and bread rolls. Just reheat the blackbean burger pattie and prepare the salads!

4. Gado-gado

Boil or steam a selection of your favourite vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, beans, diced potato and bean sprouts. Toss some tofu puffs (from Asian grocers) with handfuls of roasted cashews. Just top with shop-bought satay sauce. If you like, you can thin the satay sauce with some coconut milk. Serve with crusty bread.

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