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Nutrition Services for the Elderly

Good nutrition can help your loved one to stay healthy, happy and active longer. Research shows up to 50% of our senior citizens are either at risk of are malnourished. Poor appetite, chewing and swallowing problems and illnesses are some main causes for malnutrition.  

Professionally and personally, Shirley is highly experienced in helping senior citizens to prevent and treatment malnutrition, along with existing medical issues.


Professionally, Shirley spent more than five years as an Aged Care Dietitian in Liverpool Hospital. Shirley has accumulated vast knowledge and experience in common nutritional issues and chronic diseases common affecting our senior citizens, such as chronic kidney disease, Type 2 diabetes and swallowing problems. Managing chronic disease compound with common ailments such as malnutrition and poor appetite, Shirley can help you balance all these factors to achieve best outcome.


Shirley was a clinical supervisor to aged care dietitians working in nursing homes. As senior dietitian, Shirley provide professional supervision and clinical guidance to junior dietitians.

On a personal level, Shirley has direct experience in the nutritional care of people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Shirley understands the challenges carers and family faces when it comes to food, nutrition, hydration and all other aspects of elderly care, especially those who are affected by Alzheimer's disease. 


People suffering from dementia may forget to eat, or forget that they have already eaten. In some cases, a  previously very health conscious parent may suddenly consuming foods that are affecting their medical conditions. New behaviours makes meal time very difficult. These challenges may lead to over-nutrition, under-nutrition, erratic eating behaviours impacting on existing medical condition, and even food safety issues. 


Shirley's nutritional philosophy for the elderly is food first. If food alone is unable to meet nutritional requirement, Shirley will work with the client and their family to find a medical grade nutritional supplement that's acceptable to the elderly. 


How can I see Shirley? 


You can see Shirley from the comfort of your own home via telehealth consultation. Home visit service areas are Northwest Sydney, Hornsby shire and Upper North Shore Sydney. Refer to this map

Contact us now for an appointment. Our number is 0491 681 195 or email us:

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