Plant-based eating has many benefits. It is beneficial to our health, and this style of eating is protective against many lifestyle-related conditions, amongst other ethical benefits to animal right and the environment. 


Shirley can help individuals and families to reach their health goals the compassionate way. Shirley can also help food businesses to prepare themselves and engage this market segment. 


For individuals, couples and families


You may consider coming to see a dietitian for consultation if you say yes to the followings:


- if you are thinking of transiting towards a plant-based diet for yourself and your family

- if you are already following a plant-based diet and your doctor told you some of your blood tests are low in certain nutrients

- if you are a parent and want to support your child(ren) transiting to a plant-based diet​

- if you are expecting or breastfeeding and want to ensure your diet is adequate for you and bub 

- if you are already on a vegan diet and are seeking a plant-based nutrition advice for any health concerns


For food businesses


If you own a food business, there are even more reasons to enlist a qualified dietitian with a special interest in plant-based nutrition to value-add to your products and services. 


Dietitian with a special interest in plant-based nutrition

Shirley Chan

Consultant Dietitian 

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