NDIS Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services for people living with a disability

Dietitian consultation, meal planning and practical nutrition services are funded under the NDIS scheme.


Shirley is a NDIS registered dietitian. Shirley has worked with many people living with a disability, their families and carers.  She has also undergone further training in nutrition for people living disability with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and other professional organisations. 


Good nutrition can help you with:

- Increasing and keeping your sense of wellbeing

- Keeping your body healthy and support your mental health 

- Increasing your energy level to participate in everyday activities

- Complementing other therapies such as speech pathology and exercise

- Maximising your participation in the community



Shirley provides these nutrition services:

  • Group Home Menu Development, including suitable recipes (skills, time, budget) and grocery lists. 

  • Nutrition education session for yourself, family or carer worker to build capacity and nutrition self-management

  • Individual nutrition counselling to build healthy eating behaviours

  • Development of healthy eating program plans for care workers to help the participant gradually implement changes in eating habits

  • Teach how to establish nutritionally  adequate meals, even if you are on a tight budget

  • Healthy cooking lessons

  • Pictorial nutrition resources

  • Food ordering advice during eating out (takeaway, cafe, restaurant)

  • Supermarket food education session

  • Nutritional supplements guidance

  • Enteral nutrition guidance

  • Registration and ordering assistance of nutrition products and enteral feeding equipment.



Our aim is that you, your loved one or your client can access quality dietitian service to achieve your goals.


Sydney NDIS registered dietitian Hills Western Sydney

Service Price


This practice is a NDIS registered provider (in NSW) for nutrition and dietitian services. If you have available funds in your approved NDIS plan (with relevant support category: Improved Health & Wellbeing or Improved Daily Living), there will be no out-of-pocket fees for these services. Fees are charged in accordance to the NDIS price guide on an hourly basis (hours may include face-to-face time, report and program plan and travel time)


How can I see Shirley? 


-  Home visits

Shirley can come to your home to see you.  We have revised our service area from 1 July 2018. See our service map here.  For Sydney areas out of our service areas, call 0491 020 128 or email Shirley here. 



 Bella Vista Consult room

In our pleasant, welcoming, non-clinical consult room in Bella Vista. Wheelchair and lift access available with free undercover parking. 



- At your local cafe or supermarket (for guided food education tour)



- Phone or on Skype


Whether you are self-managed, NDIA-managed or have a professional plan manager, Shirley is able to work with you and your loved one. 


How do I arrange for a dietitian to see me, my loved one or my client?


Step 1: Fill out the referral form here

Once the referral form is received, you will be contacted within 24 hours. Shirley will discuss with you the reason for consultation, any specific request of the type of dietitian service required (e.g. nutrition counselling, meal plans, grocery list, easy-to-understand nutrition teaching, guided supermarket visit, enteral feeding establishment and reviews, in-home meal preparation teaching etc) . This information helps to estimate the total number of dietitian hours needed to set up a service agreement (if suitable). 


Step 2: Set up the Initial Consultation.


This initial session covers:

- Initial assessment of your living arrangement, circumstances, ability and health situation

- Discuss how these goals are worked towards for the duration of your plan

- Estimated the number of dietitian hours required, and the estimated frequency of reviews.


A detailed report will be prepared within 2 weeks. 


Step 3: Ongoing sessions


Ongoing sessions is when we 'get to work' on your goals.


* Cost of supplements, enteral feeds and equipment are separate to dietetics consultation fee and is the responsibility of the client.


A word on NDIS


Not sure if you eligible for NDIS or want to register your interest? Use the NDIA Access Checklist here (https://www.ndis.gov.au/ndis-access-checklist.html). NDIA phone number is 1800 800 110. 


*Travel hours is charged according to the most current NDIS guidelines.